WBLI Merges with MNP!

WBLI is pleased to announce we have merged with MNP, one of the largest national accounting and business consulting firms in Canada, effective January 1, 2017. In addition to sharing common values and client-centred approach, MNP understands all of the specialized markets and sectors in which our clients operate and more. MNP also provides us with a large national presence and access to hundreds of MNP experts and specialists in service lines that we do not currently offer. Even with the service lines our firm is strong in such as accounting and assurance, corporate finance, valuations, insolvency, mergers & acquisitions and taxation, the bench strength MNP will bring when we combine our expertise in these areas will be second to none.

Joining MNP has also enhanced our Insolvency practice. MNP’s Insolvency division, MNP Limited, has been helping individuals and businesses across Canada resolve their financial problems for more than 50 years. With the added locations they bring to Atlantic Canada, we can assist even more individuals and businesses on their journey to financial stability.

We look forward to continuing to meet your needs through MNP.  

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