ExitSMART™ Succession Assessment

Knowing the facts about your business can make all the difference. Take this three minute survey to find out if you're on the right track! We'll deliver customized results detailing where you're at in your succession planning. A business advisor will get in touch with you to discuss your results and how you can structure your business for success so you can exit on your own terms.


Have you set clear objectives for the transition of your business over the short and long term?

Tax & Estate Planning

Is your tax framework and estate plan structured to ensure you retain the maximum amount when you sell?

Business Valuation

Do you know what your business is currently worth and what it could be worth in the future?

Transition Planning

Have you considered all options for transitioning your business and are on track to transition or retire on your terms when you want to?

Value Enhancement Plan

Does your current business plan reflect your retirement goals so you can make strategic decisions for the future with confidence?

Governance Structure

Does your business, its ownership and potentially family stakeholders have a governance structure that reflects your transition goals?

Retention of Employees

Have you identified all key employees that will be involved with the transition of your business and created a retention plan?

Emergency Planning

Have you considered, and planned for what would happen to your business in the event on an unplanned exit (serious health issue, death, etc.)?


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About ExitSMART™

Leveraging nearly 60 years of business succession experience, MNP created ExitSMART™ to offer owner-managers and large organizations the means to successfully exit their business on their own terms through careful planning.

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