Public Sector

Smart Communities Assessment

Where is your team in the journey to becoming a smart community? Select the response that aligns closest with your organization.

Engaging Citizens

1. How important is including citizens in your innovation process?

Innovative Culture

2. How is innovation as a cultural value used in your organization?

Privacy & Ethics

3. Recognizing the role data plays in most transformation programs, how does your organization approach data privacy and ethics?

Creative Partnerships

4. How do you engage industry partners, community organizations, and citizens to collaborate on smart community initiatives?

Data & Technology

5. How does your organization approach data management?

6. How open is your organization to adopt new technologies and techniques?

Strategy to Execution

7. How are innovation programs aligned to strategy?


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MNP’s Public Sector team bring bold, transformative solutions to deliver high impact results that combine national and local insight into Canada’s cultural, social and political environment.

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